Logos Australian TV Icons for Tvheadend

These logos are crafted with Kodi and Tvheadend in focus, yet they prove useful in various contexts where similar graphics are required.

The flat white rendition of these logos seamlessly integrates with Kodi’s default Estuary skin. This flexibility is one of the advantages of custom-built media centers – allowing us to tailor them to our preferences and needs.

If you are interested in our graphic design services, please contact us.

Usage example for Tvheadend

Assuming you already have a Tvheadend up and running login to the Tvheadend server and go to Configuration / General (make sure view level is advanced or expert)

Using Logos Locally

within the Picon section,

Tvheadend picon section
A screenshot of the Picon section. With an example working path to the white icons. The icons are located on an external hard drive in this example.

The icon path for local files begins with file:// a third slash file:/// indicates the root directory. The %U.png place-holder is added at the end of the URL.

Channel icon path: file:///location-of-icons/%U.png
Channel icon name scheme: All lower-case

Loading Logos Directly  From GitHub

To add remote colour icons, Channel icon path:


To add remote white icons, Channel icon path:


To add remote black icons Channel icon path:


Channel icon name scheme: All lower-case

Reset Icons

If you’ve relocated the icons or previously used different icons and these icons aren’t appearing, you might need to reset them.

Log in to the Tvheadend server and navigate to Channel/EPG -> Channels. Choose a single channel or all channels with Ctrl-A and view set to All Per page, then click the “Reset Icon” button Reset icon button, followed by saving your changes.

Icons in use

Missing Icons or Updates

If you are using Tvheadend, you can download a list of channels in M3U format by visiting http://tvheadend-ip-address:9981/playlist. The M3U file is ideal for creating missing logos since it matches logos based on the channel names.

Included Logos

Total number of icons: 223

10 bold central
10 bold
10 canberra
10 central - south
10 hd canberra
10 hd south coast
10 hd
10 peach central - south
10 peach
10 port pirie
10 shake
10 south coast
44 adelaide
7bravo melbourne
7bravo sydney
7 brisbane
7 canberra
7 central - south
7flix brisbane
7flix melbourne
7flix sydney
7food network
7hd brisbane
7hd canberra
7hd melbourne
7hd sth coast
7hd sydney
7mate brisbane
7mate canberra
7mate central
7matehd brisbane
7matehd melbourne
7matehd newcastle
7matehd sth coast
7matehd sydney
7mate melbourne
7mate newcastle
7mate sth coast
7mate sydney
7 melbourne
7 port pirie
7QLD: Cairns Towns
7QLD: Mackay Rock
7QLD: Wide Bay SCst Toow
7 sth coast
7 sydney
7two brisbane
7two canberra
7two central - south
7two melbourne
7two newcastle
7two sth coast
7two sydney
9 brisbane
9gem brisbane
9gemhd brisbane
9gemhd melbourne
9gemhd newcastle
9gemhd sydney
9gem melbourne
9gem newcastle
9gem sydney
9go! brisbane
9go! melbourne
9go! newcastle
9go! sydney
9hd brisbane
9hd canberra
9hd melbourne
9hd newcastle
9hd south coast
9hd sydney
9hd wollongong
9life brisbane
9life melbourne
9life newcastle
9life sydney
9rush brisbane
9rush melbourne
9rush sydney
9 sydney
abc brisbane
abc canberra
abc classic
abc country
abc entertains
abc family
abc hd nsw
abc hd nt
abc hd qld
abc hd sa
abc hd tas
abc hd vic
abc jazz
abc kids-abc family
abc kids listen
abc kids
abckids-tvplus nt
abckids-tvplus qld
abckids-tvplus sa
abckids-tvplus se
abc melbourne
abc me nt
abc me qld
abc me sa
abc me se
abc me
abc newsradio
abc news
abc rn
abc sydney
abctv hd
abc tv
adelaide seven
bold newcastle
ch9 canberra
ch9 wollongong
double j
go! south
imparja south
nbn: coffs hbr tamw
nbn: gold cst lismore
nbn: newcstl cent cst
nine newcastle
nitv hd
nitv v1
open shop
peach newcastle
prime7 canberra
prime7 hd canberra
prime7 hd newcastle
prime7 newcastle
prime7 wollongong
prime: nsw n coast
prime: nsw & vic
prime: orange wagga
sbs arabic24
sbs chill
sbs food
sbs hd nsw
sbs hd nt
sbs hd qld
sbs hd sa
sbs hd tas
sbs hd vic
sbs one hd
sbs one nsw
sbs one nt
sbs one qld
sbs one sa
sbs one
sbs one vic
sbs popasia
sbs popdesi
sbs radio 1
sbs radio 2
sbs radio 3
sbs viceland hd
sbs viceland nt
sbs viceland qld
sbs viceland sa
sbs viceland se
sbs viceland
sbs world movies
sbs worldwatch
sc nine
sky news on win
sky news regional
spree tv
triple j
triple j unearthed
win: albury gippslnd
win: ballarat mildura
win: bendigo shepp
win: bund scst toow
win: cairns towns
win canberra
win hd newcastle
win hd
win: mackay rock
win newcastle
win: orange wagga
win: tas mt gambier
win: wgong canberra
win wollongong

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29 Comments on “Logos Australian TV Icons for Tvheadend”

Thanks for making this! There is one vital step missing in the instructions… After going to configure -> EPG -> -> per page = all (bottom right) -> select all (ctrl +a) -> reset icons, each cell will get a red triangle in corner. This marks the cell dirty – so to make icons work must also click save.

After this it works instantly…. doh!

Thanks Geoff, glad you got it sorted.
That sounds a lot like the Reset Icons section of the instructions. The instructions were created 5 years ago so I will review them to see if there is any change in Tvheadend that needs updating.

Hi Matthew, I must saym this is fantastic!

Any plans to add 7BRAVO Melbourne?

Keep up the great work, thanks!

Hi Matthew, thanks for your efforts, they’re excellent.
I am having an issue with one on my Mythtv setup, though, the ABCKids/TVPlus isn’t being picked up. The channel has a slash ‘/’ as a spacer in it’s name and the icon name uses a dash ‘-‘ . The slash indicates a folder in Unix world so that’s probably the reason it’s not being seen. Do you know a work-around?

Hi Tony. Thanks for that. I use the logos on Linux server running Tvheadend. It automatically matches abckids-tvplus.png with the channel name ABCKids/TVPlus. I have heard of Mythtv but have had very little experience with it so I am not sure at this stage what might be needed for it. There might be some error logs that would provide some more information. If it is only one channel you might be able to manually set that icon. The file name “abckids tvplus.png” might work? Let me know I am happy to add another icon to support that. Thanks again.

Hi Matthew,

These are not working or missing. Setup as per your documentation

7 Brisbane
7mate Brisbane
7flix Brisbane
Channel 9 Brisbane
9life Brisbane
9rush Brisbane
9GO! Brisbane

thanks so much for this just a new channel alert, ‘SBS world watch’ launches 23rd 2022, also there’ isn’t a a ‘Nine Sydney’ but i just edited mine to say nine so it loaded the correct logo.

Hi Mathew,

Thanks for doing this. Given recent changes in ACT could I trouble you to add the following please?
– 10 hd canberra
– prime7 hd canberra
– 7two canberra
– 7mate canberra
– 9hd

Thank you.

Hi Matthew,

These are awesome! I’m finding most of the SVG logos aren’t opening on Adobe Illustrator. Any idea why that would be happening?

Haven’t gone throuhgh all of them but I’ve found that all the versions of these channels open with an empty artboard:
– 7Flix
– 7Mate
– 9gem
– 9go!
– 9life
– 9rush
– 10peach
– 10shake

These ones only open partially:
– 10bold

Hi Jarrad. Thanks for that. I don’t use Adobe Illustrator so I can’t comment on it.

I have updated the icons to include a PDF version. You might have better luck with that.

Thanks again.

Thanks for your work. Do you have a 10 HD icon? The one I downloaded has a “10 hd.png” but it is the same as 10.png (no HD in the icon)

Hi Mathew,
Thanks for your efforts! I appreciate it.
In Brisbane I am missing the following (5 TV + 2 Radio), would you mind adding?

7HD Brisbane
7mateHD Brisbane
9HD Brisbane
9GemHD Brisbane
ABC Brisbane
ABC NewsRadio

hi, are you able to add icons for prime7 wollongong and win wollongong please? they use the same icons as the normal prime and win ones

Hi, there is a new 10 SHAKE channel. Any outlook for a logo. Thanks for the great work