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Air View Aluminium is the leading provider of premium aluminium and glass solutions in the Hunter Valley region.

We specialize in manufacturing, supplying, and installing custom aluminium frames, doors, bi-fold systems, glazed curtains, and more for both commercial and residential projects. Our products are meticulously crafted to meet individual specifications, ensuring superior quality and competitive pricing.

Air View Aluminium Offerings:

At Air View Aluminium, we offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to our clients’ needs:

  • Commercial Solutions: Our Newcastle fabrication facility is equipped to produce a diverse array of commercial products, including Centre Pocket Framing, Double Glazed Framing, Acoustic Framing, and Aluminium Glazing Channels, among others.
  • Residential Projects: We create top-quality aluminium products for residential applications, including custom window and door frames, sheds, and greenhouses, delivering exceptional results with fast turnaround times.

Why Choose Air View Aluminium:

  • Customized Solutions: Every product is custom-made to precise specifications, ensuring a perfect fit for each project.
  • Energy Efficiency: We adhere to an Energy Rating Scheme, providing scientifically-backed assessments of our fenestration products for optimal energy efficiency.
  • Premium Materials: We use the finest quality aluminium sourced directly from Alspec, a trusted supplier in the industry.

Let us bring your vision to life with our expertise in aluminium fabrication and installation. Contact us today for personalized service and exceptional results.